How do I order online?

It’s easy!

 Click on “Create Your Own Artwork” in the left column on any page or  CLICK HERE to "CREATE YOUR OWN ARTWORK"

Notate the letters you want to use A1, B2, C3 etc and the go Visit our Etsy page (link at bottom of this page) to get the total cost including shipping and appropriate taxes. At checkout in the "notes to LetterPictureArt" box simply list the letters you want to use.

 What is your typical turnaround time?

Typically we can have your custom artwork ready to ship within 4 business days however additional time should be allowed for shipping.  During the months of November and December the artwork may take additional time to prepare due to the holiday season. If your artwork is needed by a certain date, please contact us so we can work with you to get your artwork to you in time for your special occasion. We will try our best to meet your deadline, however, additional shipping fees may apply.

What are your hours?

We are available 7 days a week. You can contact us through our contact us page. We will reply by email  within 48 hours.

Will my multiple order ship in one big box or in multiple pieces?

Each Letter Picture Artwork is shipped individually. This will allow us to ship to any specified address which will save you time and money if this is being sent as a gift. It also provides the most protection against damage during shipping.


Do you Gift Wrap?

Proper packing to minimize breakage does not allow for a pretty gift wrap paper. However, we are happy to attach a gift card that expresses;

Best Wishes, Happy Holidays, Especially for You, Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday and we can print a message for you inside the card  like

·         Happy Birthday!

                                                                             Love, Aunt Gwen

·         Best Wishes for a Long Happy Life Together!

        Love, Gwen and Garnet

·         Congratulations to the Graduate!

       Love, Garnet


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping varies according the the size and destination of your artwork  This price is subject to change as the postal rates may increase from time to time. We ship priority mail through USPS and shipping charges can be calculated on our Etsy site ( when you make your purchase

How can I add a personal photo to the artwork?

We will prepare your artwork with a blank letter frame(s) for you to insert your own personal photo(s) after you receive your artwork and send instructions on how you can insert your photo quickly and easily into your artboard.


Will the colors shown on my monitor be exactly how the image prints?

All of our artwork is printed in black and white on high quality archival photo paper.  While the shades may be slightly different, as all monitors are not identical, we have found that when viewing the artwork in person it is so much more brilliant and you will be pleasantly surprised at how beautiful they are.


Can I buy just the photographs?

All of our photographs are part of our custom collection and cannot be copied or used in any other medium. We have very high standards for quality artwork and can only be purchased as a completed Keepsake.  You would not want it any other way!

Can I order a custom size?

You can order Letter Picture Art between 3 and 12 letters per word.  We will also be able to accommodate most custom orders for longer words, or connected phrases. Please contact us for details or review our pricing structure on Create Your Own.

What sizes are the finished pieces of Letter Picture Artwork?

The size of the Artwork depends on how many letters are in your word or name.  The sizes below are the approximate outside dimensions of the completed artwork.

3 – Letters = 6 x 12 inches               7 – Letters = 6 x 29 ½ inches             11- Letters = 6 x 45 ¾ inches

4 – Letters = 6 x 16 ½ inches           8 – Letters = 6 x 34 inches                 12- Letters = 6 x 50 inches

5 – Letters =   6 x 21 inches             9 – Letters = 6 x 38 ½ inches                (longer frames add 4 ¼ inch

6 – Letters =   6 x 25 ½ inches        10 – Letters = 6 x 42 ½ inches                            per letter)

What carriers do you use for shipping?

We ship all our products by USPS.


Who can I contact with questions about my order?

You can contact us with questions about your order 7 days a week through our contact us page. We will respond within 24 hours.

Do you use glass in your Artwork?

Yes, we use quality glass in all our floating mounted frames.  We take extra care when packing to keep them safe from any damage during shipping.


Do you give discounts for multiple orders?

Yes, when you visit our Etsy site on the home page under announcements are the discounts available and discount codes to use at checkout.

What is your Return Policy?

Since every piece of artwork is custom made to order, we unfortunately cannot accept returns.  If for whatever reason, you are unhappy with the finished Artwork, we do offer a 7-day exchange policy, minus the shipping costs. Only one exchange will be granted for any original order.

We are happy to replace a damaged piece of artwork.  You must contact us within 7 days from the date you received the artwork. We have a breakage rate of less than 1%.  We take every precaution to protect your keepsake during the shipping process. We however, have no control over how your package is handled throughout the shipping process. Although it is rare, damage may occur. Simply contact us with your information and we will contact you right away with instructions.

How can I get Letter Picture Art in my retail store or online boutique?

If you have a retail store or online boutique that offers unique gifts or collectibles and you would like to carry our Letter Picture Art Keepsakes, please contact us and our marketing manager will contact you within 48 hours.


Thank you for visiting Letter Picture Art.

If you have further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to respond within 48 hours.

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